A Henri Derringer Mystery

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Henri is Born

Etta Derringer became interested in unsolved open police cases several years prior to the present case. She noted a glaring clue the police were overlooking. She could follow the case only by observing news coverage. She was compelled to step in and point out the obvious clue investigators were stumbling over. Fearing repercussions for meddling in an open police case, she established Henri Derringer as her alter ego. It was this fictitious character, not she, involved in case solving.

Enter Daniel Thomas

The Case of the Locked Drawer was undertaken when Etta had already solved seven cases. A stock broker accused of murdering his wife was one of the cases. As Henri Derringer, she found the solution to the crime. The detective remained anonymous. The broker, Daniel Thomas, was saved from a trial and possible incarceration. He wanted to then reward his savior. The only contact he had with Henri had been through email.

By that means he promised to give Henri a valuable investment tip some day.

The Case of the Locked Drawer

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Enter MaryAnn Greene

That tip led MaryAnn, Etta’s granddaughter, to become involved with Dan. This and other irksome complications were caused in her pursuit of the solution.

Enter Skeets

For example, further complicating the case was the appearance of the man who murdered Etta’s daughter a quarter of a century previously.

What was the man doing here?

MaryAnn, as a toddler, hid as the murder took place. The men involved knew there was a child in the family just murdered. Fearing discovery, they left after a causal search for the child.

MaryAnn’s fiancé makes Etta and her husband, Randy, virtual prisoners by extensive protection from the murderer. The way Etta and Randy elude their world-famous protectors, an old man pushing an old woman in a wheelchair, and travel to the area where the crime was committed, is one of the best parts of the book.

Etta solves the crime. She reveals why and how the murder weapon was locked in the drawer.

But little did she know her daughter’s murderer was going to appear right in the community dining room. He pushed her unobstructed in her wheelchair to the swimming pool. There he tied her to the chair and pushed her into the pool. The book is a must read novel for all mystery lovers.

Review by Ceal Diaz

It was hard to put down!

The Case of the Locked Drawer: A Henri Derringer Mystery is hard to put down once you start reading it! The main character, Etta, is a spunky lady that makes Sherlock Holmes look like an amateur. I especially enjoyed the surprise twists that the author, Larry Winebrenner, added. The book would make a great gift-even it’s just for yourself.

Kristi Sayles


Funny, unpredictable, well written. Never boring. I really like books that keep me guessing and this one did.

Pam, Louisiana

Fun to read

Great read! You will be anxious to see what is next.

Nena P, Texas

The Case of the Locked Drawer’ reflects its author — It is witty and fun

Mr. Winebrenner knows how to use words.” There are “twists & turns, what’s next.” . . . and “a delightful sense of humor.” “It’s not ‘War & Peace’.” And “it’s not ‘Novels for Dummies’.” “It’s just plain fun to read.” “Enjoy it.

— John C

An intriguing heroine!

There can’t be many fictional nonagenarian lady dectectives, but Larry Winebrenner has managed to create such a character, who is both credible and amusing. Mr Winebrenner weaves a plot which is both ingenious and full of humour. And the end will surprise every reader!

Ian T, York, England

Riveting and fun!

This review is from: The Case of the Locked Drawer : A Henri Derringer Mystery (Kindle Edition) “[This] was a great read.” “Etta, the alter-ego of the successful investigator Henri Derringer, is smart, funny, and sly as a fox!” “ The story had a number of surprising twists and turns and makes the reader anxious to find out what’s next.”

Lois P

The Case of the Locked Drawer

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Super, different Whodunnit!!

If you like mysteries, mostly non-violent and strikingly different, The Case of the Locked Drawer is the book for you! I have never read a novel which is set in an actual retirement center! I have never seen such technological wonders used in a mystery either. AND – by savvy seniors! Well described and thoughtful, as well as humorous at times, the narrative moves steadily onwards through the tale at all times, never dragging. The author kept me wondering what would happen next. I kept picking the book up to read “just a little more”. A highly unlikely group of characters blend to make a quietly fun yet exciting story. I hope there is a sequel soon from Larry Winebrenner!

Amy Brown, Kansas

Great read! Etta and Randy remind me of Alvirah and Willy in Mary Higgins Clark\’s books but the story has a lot of humor like her daughter Carol\’s books. Enjoyed every minute of it ….except the gory prisoner of war details which I read rather hurriedly. The technology left me in awe and a great deal of envy. Loved Dan and his kindness and generosity! Sure hope you are going to do a series of these, Larry! I would really like to meet these characters again soon.

Sandy Blomstrom, Charlotte, NC